How to Pronounce carrier?

Correct pronunciation for the word "carrier" is [kˈaɹɪə], [kˈaɹɪə], [k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ__ə].

"Carrier" in context

A carrier refers to a company or individual that provides transport services for various cargos or people. It is mainly used for the transport of goods or merchandise which is usually done on ships, planes, trucks or vans.

It is necessary to have some type of specialized knowledge or expertise in order to provide carrier services and this will depend on the type of cargo being transported. For example, an experienced container handler would be needed in order to move containers, while a plane pilot would be required in order to transport passengers.

Transport carriers need to have the necessary licenses and certifications in order to operate legally and safely.

What are similar-sounding words for carrier?


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