How to Pronounce deride?

Correct pronunciation for the word "deride" is [dɪɹˈa͡ɪd], [dɪɹˈa‍ɪd], [d_ɪ_ɹ_ˈaɪ_d].

"Deride" in context

Deride is an action that involves the intentional belittling or mocking of another person. It is a form of ridicule that typically seeks to bring another person down in an effort to make them look bad, inferior, or insignificant. It is often used to humiliate or shame the target. Deriding someone includes making comments or jokes about them, often with a mocking or dismissive tone, which can be extremely hurtful and damaging. It can also involve pointing out a person's flaws or imperfections in order to make them appear foolish.

What are similar-sounding words for deride?


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