How to Pronounce hugs?

Correct pronunciation for the word "hugs" is [hˈʌɡz], [hˈʌɡz], [h_ˈʌ_ɡ_z].

"Hugs" in context

Hugs are a fundamental part of human affection. A hug can evoke so much; comfort, care, love, protection, security - a hug can express and provide it all. It is a nonverbal gesture and a rewarding form of physical contact; whoever is the recipient, the simple act of embracing someone is one of the most beautiful experiences.

Hugs can take many forms; a big hug can symbolize the contentment of a homecoming and a temporary one conveys understanding, while a gentle hug, often accompanied by a friendly pat on the back conveys support, compassion and strength.

What are similar-sounding words for hugs?


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