How to Pronounce ligate?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ligate" is [lˈiːɡe͡ɪt], [lˈiːɡe‍ɪt], [l_ˈiː_ɡ_eɪ_t].

"Ligate" in context

Ligate is a term used in the medical profession for the suturing or tying of a blood vessel, organ or other body tissue/organ. The purpose of the procedure is to prevent or reduce the risk of blood loss or infection. Ligation can also be used to repair severed or leaking veins and arteries. The technique involves closing off the affected area with a suture or thread, thus stopping the blood flow. This can be done with the patient either awake or under general haze. During ligation, a surgeon fastens the ligation material (generally either a thread or a wire) to the body tissue, creating a wall to prevent bleeding.

What are similar-sounding words for ligate?


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