How to Pronounce MAUS?

Correct pronunciation for the word "MAUS" is [mˈa͡ʊs], [mˈa‍ʊs], [m_ˈaʊ_s].

What are the misspellings for MAUS?

  • mqaus,
  • jmaus,
  • mausz,
  • mzaus,
  • mauss,
  • mau s,
  • mqus,
  • mauzs,
  • m aus,
  • mkaus,
  • msaus,
  • maujs,
  • mauxs,
  • ma7us,
  • mausx,
  • mmaus,
  • maaus,
  • mau7s,
  • ma8us,
  • mwaus,
  • mau8s.

"MAUS" in context

MAUS is a graphic novel created by American cartoonist and comic book author Art Spiegelman. It tells the story of Vladek Spiegelman, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, and his son, the author. It is a biography, a war story, and a Holocaust narrative all in one--it has been praised for its exploration of the psychological and moral effects of the Holocaust on the survivor and their family.

The novel takes the form of a long-form comic book, featuring images of anthropomorphic animals representing different nationalities and ethnicities.

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