Correct spelling for BOREN

We think the word boren is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for boren

  • Brine(Definition of brine)
  • Two boatmen remained in each boat, for neglect of this precaution has caused accidents frightful to think of, on the goodwins; and the remaining four boatmen, daring fellows of the sea-dog and amphibious type, walked across the sands, dripping with the brine.

  • Bruin(Definition of bruin)
  • Eyes and mouths opened wide as the performance went on, and bruin had every reason to be satisfied with his share of the praise bestowed on the entertainment, as well as on his personal appearance.

  • Byron
  • The painful fact is that byron was a very ill-bred person.

  • Boon(Definition of boon)
  • She cried aloud, so that all heard her: "a boon, a boon, king arthur!

  • Bonn
  • The position of the loess between basle and bonn is such as to imply that the great valley of the rhine had already acquired its present shape, and in some places, perhaps more than its actual depth and width, previously to the time when it was gradually filled up to a great extent with fine loam.

  • Bran(Definition of bran)
  • Then mr. frank comes home agen with a bran-new wife, and we thought as how his life were a mending, and things were looking up.

  • Tied-Up
  • Bores
  • "he does love the thing, but the detail of the work, with all its exactitude and rules and regulations, bores him.

  • Byre(Definition of Byre)
  • Again, not only swiss wealth, but swiss character and institutions, go back essentially to the high pasture and the well-filled byre.

  • Bowen
  • "thanks," said bowen, shortly.

  • Bored(Definition of bored)
  • I'm really just as bored and lonesome as you are.

  • Borne(Definition of Borne)
  • "my seven sons lie dead, yet to me still remain the seven perfect lovelinesses that i have borne.

  • Bare(Definition of bare)
  • Green had given no proof of his identity beyond his bare word.

  • Brew(Definition of brew)
  • We also began to brew beer from the branches or leaves of a tree, which much resembles the american black- spruce.

  • Browne(Definition of browne)
  • On the 10th of november, 1860, charles browne, whose fame, traveling in his letters from boston to san francisco, had now become national, grasped the hands of his hundreds of new york admirers.

  • Been(Definition of Been)
  • Your brother has been with me.

  • Borneo(Definition of borneo)
  • In borneo among the land dyaks "head houses," called "pangah," are found in each village.

  • Bring(Definition of bring)
  • Everybody comes, and they all bring something.

  • Boone
  • Rarely enough does he find his alexander the great, his washington or his daniel boone, his spartacus or his horatius in his own household.

  • Barn(Definition of barn)
  • I'll take the barn.

  • Bruno
  • All the dogs, great and small, joined bruno in chase of the strange game.

  • Ben(Definition of ben)
  • It's in ben weatherstaff's back.

  • Borer(Definition of borer)
  • The worst insects i have are the flat-headed borer, which i cut out, and the curculio.

  • O'brien
  • Brown(Definition of brown)
  • My name is mary brown.

  • Bone(Definition of bone)
  • There isn't a lazy bone in him.

    I've been wearin' my fingers down to the bone Just pushin' your number on the telephone

    – Nervous Release by foghat
  • Broken(Definition of broken)
  • It is sure to be broken.

  • Loren(Definition of loren)
  • Burn(Definition of burn)
  • "but the letters burn, father," and then the boy read aloud the sentence which for him stood out so vividly on the page.

  • Boring(Definition of boring)
  • In driving the brass in and out of the box while fitting it, a piece of wood must be used to strike on, otherwise the brass will stretch during the fitting and come loose in the box during the boring.

  • Brent(Definition of brent)
  • Brent shifted his seat noisily.

  • Borden
  • "i changed my mind," he told her, "in consequence of a visit which i received yesterday from a mr. james borden."

  • Brain(Definition of brain)
  • The longer she worked, the stronger became a conviction that was slowly working its way into her brain.

  • Briny(Definition of briny)
  • That moment, fainting as he touch'd the shore, he dropp'd his sinewy arms: his knees no more perform'd their office, or his weight upheld: his swoln heart heaved; his bloated body swell'd: from mouth and nose the briny torrent ran; and lost in lassitude lay all the man, deprived of voice, of motion, and of breath; the soul scarce waking in the arms of death.

  • Brno(Definition of Brno)
  • The 2007–08 a1 grand prix of nations, czech republic was an a1 grand prix race, held on october 14, 2007 at the masaryk circuit in brno, czech republic.

  • Bore(Definition of bore)
  • Nay, rather, she did not think of torture and death at all, but was possessed by a peace which bore her up, as if bodily, on its mighty wings.

  • Born(Definition of born)
  • He's never once slep' alone since he was born.

  • Bern
  • Bern, on the other hand, was never democratic.

  • Barren(Definition of barren)
  • Where had the old lady concealed such wealth all these barren years, milly wondered!...

  • Goren
  • Brawn(Definition of brawn)
  • They were all men in the prime of life, mostly of tall stature, and of herculean brawn and limbs.

  • Boron(Definition of boron)
  • "but, martha, can you be really sure? you know, by now, that learning to read this language is as important to me as it is to you, but how can you be so sure that those words really mean things like hydrogen and helium and boron and oxygen? how do you know that their table of elements was anything like ours?"

  • Brian
  • Then mr. gorby saw madge and brian come out on to the verandah, and heard in the stillness of the night, a sound weird and unearthly.

  • Baron(Definition of baron)
  • He told you that baron nathanheimer was about to withdraw his protection from us?

  • Wren(Definition of wren)

52 words made from the letters boren

3 letter words made from boren:

ben, reb, eon, rob, ern, nob, neo, ore, roe, ron, one, ebn, nbe, orb, neb.

4 letter words made from boren:

born, bore, beno, reno, beor, nero, robe, bone, nebo, ebon, orbe, orne, bren, roen, boen, bern, noer, oben, bonr, boer, norb, rebo, ebro, beon.

5 letter words made from boren:

berno, orben, renob, ebron, beorn, beron, roben, breon, boner, nobre, breno, boren, broen.