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How to spell CANOW correctly?

The word "canoe" might be the correct suggestion for the misspelling "canow" as it is a common watercraft used for recreational or transportation activities. Another possible suggestion is the word "carnow", which is a surname that is rare but still exists.

List of suggestions on how to spell canow correctly

  • anew After the storm, we had to start our garden anew.
  • callow As a callow youth, he thought he knew everything about the world.
  • can I can finish this task by the end of the day.
  • Can't
  • canal The Panama Canal is a vital waterway for global commerce.
  • candor She appreciated his candor when he told her that her outfit did not match.
  • candy I love to eat candy when watching a movie.
  • cane I saw a man walking with a cane down the street.
  • Caned The thief was caught and caned in the town square as punishment for his actions.
  • caner
  • Canes The basketball team at the University of Miami is commonly known as the Canes.
  • cannon The soldiers loaded the cannon with gunpowder and shot.
  • Cannot I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by.
  • canny The canny businessman always knows the right decision to make to maximize profits.
  • canoe I went on a canoe trip down the river.
  • Canoed The canoed can be seen from the bridge.
  • Canoes
  • canola Canola oil is extracted from the seeds of the canola plant.
  • canon The singer's latest album has been declared a canon of modern pop music.
  • canopy The dense canopy of trees provided shelter from the scorching sun.
  • cans I need to recycle all these cans before I go to bed.
  • cant
  • canto The canto continued for an hour.
  • cantor He was the cantor at the synagogue.
  • capo The guitarist positioned the capo on the fifth fret to play in a higher key.
  • capon She always carries a can of capon.
  • carnot The Carnot cycle is used to calculate the maximum speed of an engine.
  • Cato Cato was the great Roman statesman.
  • caw The sound of the crow's caw echoed throughout the forest.
  • cow The cow mooed loudly and chewed on a tuft of grass.
  • crow
  • Kano She is from Kano, in Northern Nigeria.
  • know
  • now I am currently typing this response now.
  • snow The forecast said that there would be a lot of snow.

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