How to spell DOUHT correctly?

We think the word douht is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell douht correctly

  • Bought
  • bout
  • dart I saw a dart fly across the room and hit the dartboard.
  • dat
  • daunt The challenging project did not daunt her determination to succeed.
  • ddt DDT was a commonly used pesticide in the mid-20th century, but its harmful effects on the environment led to its ban in many countries.
  • diet I try to follow a healthy diet.
  • dirt I can't believe she ever let this place get so dirty.
  • dod Not content to simply read, I also like to write.
  • dodo
  • doha She's from Doha, Qatar.
  • dolt I think the new hire is a total dolt.
  • don't I don't want to go outside when it's raining.
  • DOSH It was a very hot day and the DOSH team was busy cleaning up the mess.
  • Dost I cannot believe that Dost is reading my diary.
  • dot I placed a period at the end of the sentence, making it a simple dot.
  • dote She would dote on her grandchildren, spoiling them with love and gifts whenever she had the chance.
  • Doth Many of the trees in the forest are doth.
  • dotty My grandma is a little dotty, but I still love spending time with her.
  • Douay The Bible was translated from the ancient Greek and Aramaic texts known as the Douay Rheims Bible.
  • doubt After the accident, I had a lot of doubt about whether or not I could continue to be a dancer.
  • Doug I'm Doug, what's your name?
  • dough
  • doughty Good doughty deeds deserve a good turn in life.
  • doughy The pizza wasn't fully cooked, so the crust remained doughy and soft.
  • dour If she continued to be so dour, she would soon become a recluse.
  • drought There's a drought in the state.
  • duct The duct tape was falling off the wall.
  • dud He was such a dud, I never wanted to see him again.
  • dude
  • duet The two singers were practicing their duet for the concert.
  • DUH "You need to plug it in first, duh!
  • dust
  • duty I have a duty to my society.
  • Fought Fighting was the only way to protect their land.
  • gout The intense pain in my feet was a warning sign that I was developing gout.
  • lout The lout threw a rock at the dog, which bit him on the hand.
  • nought She offered him her hand, but he refused, evidently unimpressed with her lack of nought.
  • ought I ought to study more for my upcoming exam.
  • out I'll meet you at the out door.
  • pout She would always pout whenever she didn't get what she wanted.
  • rout The football team suffered a devastating rout at the hands of their rivals.
  • sought He sought refuge in a nearby bush.
  • taught I was taught how to play the guitar by my father.
  • taut I need to relax my taut neck muscles.
  • toot The sound of the horn made a loud toot.
  • tort The company is facing a lawsuit for committing a tort against one of its customers.
  • tot As a tot, she loved playing with her dolls.
  • tout The town is full of tout shops.
  • Tut Can you please give me a quick tut on how to use this new software?

Misspelling of the day


  • caters
  • cautious
  • cotes
  • courteous
  • curious
  • cutaneous
  • cutesy
  • cuties
  • cutout
  • cuts