How to Pronounce nazi?

Correct pronunciation for the word "nazi" is [nˈɑːtsɪ], [nˈɑːtsɪ], [n_ˈɑː_t_s_ɪ].

"Nazi" in context

The nazi Party, otherwise known as the National Socialist German Worker's Party, was a political party in Germany that held power from 1933-1945. Founded by Adolf Hitler in 1919, the Nazi Party gained widespread support and won a majority in the 1932 election. The Nazis saw themselves as a superior race and believed in the establishment of a Nazi government designed to oppress and ultimately exterminate what they deemed "inferior" races. During Hitler's reign, the Nazis undertook a policy of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and terror, including the Holocaust where millions of Jews and other minorities were killed.

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