How to Pronounce quaintly?

Correct pronunciation for the word "quaintly" is [kwˈe͡ɪntli], [kwˈe‍ɪntli], [k_w_ˈeɪ_n_t_l_i].

"Quaintly" in context

A quaintly decorated cafe on a cobblestone street corner is the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. The cafe has light and airy spaces with wooden floors, fresh flowers arranged in vases, and vintage-style booths that invite relaxation. The menu includes a variety of specialty coffee drinks, along with fresh pastries, sandwiches, and other light bites. Sunlight streams through the windows, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere. Every corner of the cafe has been carefully and quaintly designed to create a cozy, cozy atmosphere.

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