How to Pronounce Raul?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Raul" is [ɹa͡ʊˈuːl], [ɹa‍ʊˈuːl], [ɹ_aʊ_ˈuː_l].

"Raul" in context

Raul is an ambitious, accomplished professional who has always put his all into his work. He graduated magna cum laude as an industrial engineer, and he quickly achieved success as an entrepreneur. After establishing a small business at the age of twenty-five, he sold it to a larger firm in ten years, profiting handsomely. He then decided to expand his horizons and joined a large software development company as a project manager, where he routinely exceeded expectations.

These successes were all achieved with charisma and a delightful sense of humor.

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