How to Pronounce yoke?

Correct pronunciation for the word "yoke" is [jˈə͡ʊk], [jˈə‍ʊk], [j_ˈəʊ_k].

"Yoke" in context

A yoke is traditional a wooden beam used to connect two or more animals together when working on a farm. It is typically used to have animals work together on tasks such as plowing, hauling, and carrying. The idea behind the yoke is to enable the animals to use their strength together, thus being far more successful than they would be on their own. The yoke can be adjustable to fit the size and weight of the animals, and there are also specialized yokes for different activities like pulling sleds or wagons. Yokes have been around for thousands of years and were integral to many of the farming activities in the past.


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