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How To Spell exhaustion?

Correct spelling: exhaustion

Definition of exhaustion:

  1. extreme fatigue

List of misspellings for exhaustion:

  • exshusting,
  • eshaustion,
  • exhortion,
  • edhaustion,
  • exhaistion,
  • exhasting,
  • ezhaustion,
  • exhition,
  • exsahustion,
  • exhausiting,
  • exahusting,
  • exhasutive,
  • exhaystion,
  • exhusband,
  • exhzustion,
  • ecsostion,
  • rxhaustion,
  • exhaustions,
  • exhuastive,
  • exhausion,
  • exsation,
  • exhausitng,
  • exhaustian,
  • wxhaustion,
  • exsashtion,
  • exshaustion,
  • exhusting,
  • exhertion,
  • existion,
  • exhuastion,
  • 4xhaustion,
  • exjaustion,
  • exhersion,
  • exustion,
  • exha8stion,
  • exhausten,
  • exsasution,
  • exbaustion,
  • exaugstion,
  • exibhition,
  • exhaughtion,
  • expastion,
  • exhajstion,
  • exhaustation,
  • exhastion,
  • expanstion,
  • 3xhaustion,
  • exsoustion,
  • exhaousting,
  • echaustion,
  • exsistion,
  • exhsustion,
  • exhibistion,
  • exstion,
  • exhaghsting,
  • exhaustin,
  • exexution,
  • exhqustion,
  • exhausation,
  • expasnion,
  • exhaustioin,
  • exhustion,
  • exsaustion,
  • exyaustion,
  • exahustive,
  • execustion,
  • excistion,
  • exuastion,
  • sxhaustion,
  • exahaustive,
  • exastion,
  • exchausting,
  • exhasustion,
  • exsposition,
  • exahustion,
  • dxhaustion,
  • exhastive,
  • exnaustion,
  • exshustion,
  • exuaustion,
  • exoustion,
  • exhuasting,
  • exhasution,
  • exhaution,
  • exhahstion,
  • exhurstion,
  • exgaustion,
  • aquasistion,
  • ehaustion,
  • exaustion,
  • exhasuting,
  • exostion,
  • exhwustion,
  • exaughstion,
  • exhurtion,
  • exhabition,
  • exhousting,
  • exhausing,
  • exhitition,
  • exhostion.

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Quotes for exhaustion:

  1. Exhaustion and exasperation are frequently the handmaidens of legislative decision.
  2. Tom Cruise's attorney said he is going to sue anyone who claims he is gay. In a related story, Ricky Martin's attorney has been hospitalized for exhaustion.
  3. The worst manifestations of exhaustion were successfully cured by a long period of rest but it was immediately apparent to me that I had lost once and for all my former capacity for carrying out experimental work until physically tired.
  4. First, it doesn't surprise me that traditional music has experienced a kind of exhaustion in the 20th century- not forgetting that many musicians started to look outside the traditional structures of tonality.
  5. The becoming of man is the history of the exhaustion of his possibilities.

Rhymes for exhaustion:

  1. faustian;

Translations for exhaustion:

Bengali word for Exhaustion


Dutch word for Exhaustion


Italian word for Exhaustion


Japanese word for Exhaustion


Javanese word for Exhaustion


Korean word for Exhaustion


Malay word for Exhaustion


Norwegian word for Exhaustion


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Spanish words for Exhaustion

desgaste, debilidad, agotamiento, fatiga, cansancio, extenuación, enflaquecimiento.

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Turkish word for Exhaustion