How To Spell collapse?

Correct spelling: collapse

What is the definition of collapse?

  1. collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack

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What are the rhymes for collapse?

  1. saps, laps, caps, taps, maps, claps, snaps, gaps, flaps, yaps, raps, naps, apse, traps, scraps, chaps, slaps, lapps, straps, japs, capps, apps, zaps, craps, wraps, schnapps, lapse, kaps;
  2. relapse, perhaps, elapse;

What are the translations for collapse?

Arabic word for Collapse


Dutch words for Collapse

ondergang, verval, mislukken, inzinking, ineenstorting, instorting, instorten, ineenstorten, in elkaar zakken, mislukking, uiteenvallen, inzakken, inzakking, laten instorten, ten gronde gaan.

French words for Collapse

céder, effondrement, chute, s'effondrer, rupture, disparition, faillite, affaissement, écroulement, effondrer, ébouler, s’effondrer.

German words for Collapse

Verfall, Einbruch, Zerfall, Scheitern, Zusammenbruch, Pleite, Absturz, umfallen, zusammenbrechen, zusammenfallen, fehlschlagen, Kollaps, Einsturz, einstürzen, kollabieren, einfallen, zusammenklappen, einbrechen, zusammenstürzen, niedersinken, zusammensinken, zusammenkrachen, einen Kollaps erleiden.

Greek word for Collapse


Italian word for Collapse


Japanese words for Collapse

崩壊, 没落, 崩れる, 総崩れ, へこむ, がべい, 丸潰れ, 凹む, おしちぢめる, 衰亡, がかい, 壊崩, 決潰, 転ける, いきがきれる, 画餅, やぶれ, やれ, 丸つぶれ, こける, くずれさる, 揉み立てる, くずれる, 息が切れる, 倒ける, すいぼう, 瓦解, 詣る, ほうかい, 倒潰, 切れる, やぶれる, とうかい, そうくずれ.

Javanese word for Collapse


Korean word for Collapse


Malay word for Collapse


Norwegian word for Collapse


Polish word for Collapse

załamać się.

Portuguese words for Collapse

queda, cair, quebra, fracasso, desmaiar, desfalecimento, desmoronamento, desmoronar, ruir, desabar, sucumbir, esgotamento, derrubar, desabamento, desfalecer, derrocada, desmantelamento, colabar, despencar, ir abaixo, vir abaixo, retrair.

Romanian word for Collapse

a se prăbuși.

Russian words for Collapse

распад, обрушение, обваливаться, обвал, коллапс, резкое падение, упадок сил, обморок, приводить к краху.

Spanish words for Collapse

fracaso, quiebra, caer, ruptura, desmoronamiento, hundirse, desplomarse, fracasar, rotura, acabar, desaparecer, colapso, derrumbe, desintegración, colapsar, derrumbarse, desmayarse, plegarse, quebrar, comprimir, destruir, doblarse, bancarrota, desmoronarse, derrocar, desmantelar, hundimiento, ruina, desplome, quebrarse, ocaso, desvanecerse, desfallecer, derrumbamiento, depauperación, colapsarse, venirse abajo, extinguirse.

Swedish word for Collapse


Ukrainian word for Collapse


Vietnamese word for Collapse

đổ sập.