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Spell Check of annul

Correct spelling: annul

Definition of annul:

  1. To render void or null; to abolish.

Common misspellings for annul:

anul, annull, anaul.


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Examples of usage for annul:

  1. Such a one, she says, can only learn by sad experience what the wind in its moaning means: that subtle change which arrests the course of happiness, as the same wind, stirring however softly in a summer dawn, may annul the promise of its beauty. – A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.) by Mrs. Sutherland Orr
  2. The historic claim to complete independence has on many occasions been modified in theory or abated in practice by the National leaders: but a survey of the history of Ireland since the Union shows that, with whatever apparent abatements or disguises the claim may have been pressed, there has always been deep down the feeling that behind the Union lay the Conquest, the hope that to repeal the one meant a step upon the road to annul the other. – The Evolution of Sinn Fein by Robert Mitchell Henry

Rhymes for annul:

  1. panel;
  2. channel, flannel, annal, janel, channell;
  3. dismantle, empanel, impanel;