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Correct spelling: layer

Definition of layer:

  1. Stratum, a sheet of some substance lying upon another, distinguished therefrom by a difference in texture or color or simply not continuous with it.
  2. One who lays; a stratum; a bed; an undetached shoot laid under ground for propagation.
  3. To propagate by layers. Layer out, one who expends money; a steward. Layer up, one who deposits for future use; a treasurer.

Common misspellings for layer:

loayer, alyer, ayer, loyer, payer.


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Quotes for layer:

  1. You're better off being a brick layer if you're going to play guitar than a sheet metal worker.
  2. Nudity is who people are at the most interesting point of the evening, when they take off their protective layer, when no one is watching.
  3. This world is run by people who know how to do things. They know how things work. They are equipped. Up there, there's a layer of people who run everything. But we- we're just peasants. We don't understand what's going on, and we can't do anything.
  4. Even now it is no longer composed of the traditional political class, but of a composite layer of corporate leaders, high -level administrators, and the heads of the major professional, labor, political, and religious organisations.
  5. Race is a layer of being, but not a culmination.

Rhymes for layer:

  1. prayer;
  2. maier, sprayer, preyer, mayor, stayer, strayer, slayer, thayer, brayer, mayer, grayer, player, gayer, sayer, bayer, beyer, payer;
  3. doomsayer, soothsayer, conveyer, purveyor, assayer, surveyor, naysayer, conveyor, sauter;