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Quotes for research:

  1. One hundred percent of our earnings are reinvested in the company, and a great deal of that goes to research. - Amar Bose
  2. If people think that you're throwing babies out, dissecting children, to do stem -cell research, I'm not for that. - Elizabeth Edwards
  3. The funds from the sale were put into research and general teaching budgets at the university. Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Inc., is now a growing enterprise with many model and other econometric facilities. - Lawrence R. Klein
  4. This time at Birmingham turned me into a general biologist, and ever since then I have always tried to take a biological approach to any research project that I have undertaken. - Paul Nurse
  5. Nonetheless, the research budgets of the Department of Defense are under enormous stress -and they are extremely important because they support more than 40 percent of all federal funding for engineering schools across the country. So the threat was and is real. - Charles Vest

Rhymes for research:

  1. birch, burch, church, lurch, perch, search.

Idioms for research:

  1. research into sm or sth
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