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Correct spelling: sheath


Definition of sheath:

  1. 1. Any enveloping structure, such as the membranous covering of a muscle, nerve, or blood- vessel. 2. Vagina ( 1). 3. The prepuce of a horse.
  2. A sword- case; a scabbard; the wingcase of an insect; a membrane investing a stem.

Common misspellings for sheath:

sheat, sheith, seath, holdter, sheeth, shealth.

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Examples of usage for sheath:

  1. The order was given to sheath their swords and right wheel.
  2. She was slenderer than ever in the short satin petticoat that was her inner sheath.
  3. He tore his sword from its sheath.

Quotes for sheath:

  1. One sword keeps another in the sheath. - George Herbert

Rhymes for sheath:

  1. beneath, bequeath.
  2. heath, keith, leith, meath, teeth, wreath.
  3. underneath.
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