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Spell Check of whinny

Correct spelling: whinny


Definition of whinny:

  1. Abounding in whins.
  2. To neigh.
  3. The act of whinnying.
  4. To utter the sound of a horse; to neigh.

Common misspellings for whinny:

whinney, whinnie, winny, winney.

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Examples of usage for whinny:

  1. They ran from the hill- top to the house, Mrs. Cameron caught up her bundle, Jenny, the blue vases and the spinning wheel, and Deirdre, taking Socks from the stable in which he was beginning to whinny with fear, led him down the track in front of the house. "The Pioneers" , Katharine Susannah Prichard.
  2. It was all over in less than a minute, and then the horse saw its companions flying over the plains in a cloud of dust, gave a whinny, and started after them at top speed. "In the Musgrave Ranges" , Jim Bushman.
  3. Then, with a shrill whinny, the horse did its final worst. "In the Musgrave Ranges" , Jim Bushman.
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