How To Spell nature?

Correct spelling: nature

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What does the abbreviation nature mean?


Nature as a girl's name.

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What are the rhymes for nature?

  1. denature;

What are the translations for nature?

Arabic word for Nature


Chinese words for Nature

本质, 大自然, 自然界, 本性, 性情.

Dutch words for Nature

aard, natuur, karakter.

French word for Nature


German words for Nature

Eigenschaft, Veranlagung, Beschaffenheit, Temperament, Wesen, Art, Naturell, Sinnesart, Charakter, Natur, Wesensart.

Greek word for Nature


Hindi word for Nature


Italian words for Nature

carattere, natura, paesaggio, genere.

Japanese words for Nature

自然界, ネイチャー, 天地, 天性, ネーチャー, しぜん, てんち, 賦性, しょうね, しょうぶん, 禀性, さんせんそうもく, てんねん, 山川草木, ひんせい, 本然, 造化, 得体, ふせい, ぞうか, ひととなり, 為人, 天資, けいろ, 根性, せいかく, 風雲, えたい, ふううん.

Javanese word for Nature


Korean word for Nature


Marathi word for Nature


Polish word for Nature


Portuguese word for Nature


Romanian word for Nature


Russian words for Nature

природа, натура, естество.

Spanish words for Nature

tipo, naturaleza, esencia, temperamento.

Turkish words for Nature

sıfat, doğa.

Ukrainian word for Nature