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How To Spell nature?

Correct spelling: nature

List of misspellings for nature:

  • natruely,
  • nitehr,
  • natarl,
  • geture,
  • natura,
  • notery,
  • minuature,
  • nautural,
  • nauture,
  • autre,
  • natarul,
  • natyre,
  • enture,
  • natore,
  • nadra,
  • natutre,
  • matuare,
  • furniutre,
  • nature''s,
  • nurchure,
  • nitemare,
  • netry,
  • notuse,
  • sinature,
  • natice,
  • liture,
  • natueral,
  • sature,
  • guture,
  • notred,
  • nerture,
  • natrule,
  • funiture,
  • duture,
  • pnatry,
  • cuture,
  • nayure,
  • cnetre,
  • fiture,
  • minaiture,
  • nautre,
  • nullaore,
  • toture,
  • naturlly,
  • furnaiture,
  • nutural,
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  • funature.

What does the abbreviation nature mean?


Nature as a girl's name.

Related words for nature

Dark Nature


2009 film

Dark Nature is a 2009 British thriller film written by Eddie Harrison, directed by Marc de Launay, and starring Niall Greig Fulton, Vanya Eadie and Imogen Toner.

Endla Nature Reserve


Nature reserve in Estonia

Endla Nature Reserve is a nature reserve situated in central Estonia. The Endla nature reserve protects a fresh-water system of mires, bogs, springs and rivulets. As such, it plays an important role in recharging the waters of the Põltsamaa River. The flora is dominated by pine shrubs and reed beds. Several threatened species of orchid can be found in the nature reserve. Rare or threatened birds also use the area as breeding ground.

Nature Camp


Camp in Vesuvius, Virginia

Nature Camp, located in Vesuvius, Virginia, is a private, non-profit, residential, co-ed summer camp for children in grades 5-12 that specializes in natural history and environmental science education. The current director is Phillip "Flip" Coulling.

Phillip Island Nature Park


Wildlife park in Cowes, Australia

Phillip Island Nature Park is a conservation park located on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Created in 1996, the park is owned by the Victorian State Government, however it is a self-funding commercial attraction for the purpose of animal conservation and research.

Taunus Nature Park


National reserve in Oberursel, Germany

The Taunus Nature Park is a nature park in Central Germany with an area of 134,775 hectares in the Central Upland range of the Taunus. It is one of two Hessian nature parks in the Taunus and the second largest nature park in Hesse.

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Rhymes for nature:

  1. denature;

Translations for nature:

Arabic word for Nature


Chinese words for Nature

本质, 大自然, 自然界, 本性, 性情.

Dutch words for Nature

aard, natuur, karakter.

French word for Nature


German words for Nature

Eigenschaft, Veranlagung, Beschaffenheit, Temperament, Wesen, Art, Naturell, Sinnesart, Charakter, Natur, Wesensart.

Greek word for Nature


Hindi word for Nature


Italian words for Nature

carattere, natura, paesaggio, genere.

Japanese words for Nature

自然界, ネイチャー, 天地, 天性, ネーチャー, しぜん, てんち, 賦性, しょうね, しょうぶん, 禀性, さんせんそうもく, てんねん, 山川草木, ひんせい, 本然, 造化, 得体, ふせい, ぞうか, ひととなり, 為人, 天資, けいろ, 根性, せいかく, 風雲, えたい, ふううん.

Javanese word for Nature


Korean word for Nature


Marathi word for Nature


Polish word for Nature


Portuguese word for Nature


Romanian word for Nature


Russian words for Nature

природа, натура, естество.

Spanish words for Nature

tipo, naturaleza, esencia, temperamento.

Turkish words for Nature

sıfat, doğa.

Ukrainian word for Nature