How To Spell path?

Correct spelling: path

What is the definition of path?

  1. To walk abroad.

What does the abbreviation path mean?

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What are the rhymes for path?

  1. plath, rath, kath, vath, wrath, math, pathe, hath, fath, nath, bath, lath;
  2. mcgrath;

What are the translations for path?

Afrikaans word for Path


Arabic word for Path


Bengali word for Path


Chinese words for Path

路, 道, 道路, 径路, 路向, 轨道, 小路, 溪径, 涂径.

Dutch words for Path

baan, spoor, koers, paadje.

French words for Path

voie, circuit, course, chemin, sentier, trajet, canal, trajectoire.

German words for Path

Weg, Bahn, via, Piste, Pfad, Feldweg, Steg, Route, Zweig, Parcours, Passage, Pad, Fußpfad, Spazierweg.

Hindi word for Path


Italian words for Path

viale, strada, percorso, sentiero.

Japanese words for Path

パス, 道, 経路, 小道, 道筋, 通り道, 散歩道, 径路, 小径, とおりみち, さんぽみち, みちすじ, こみち, ろし, 路次, ろじ, 小路, しょうけい, 小逕.

Korean word for Path


Marathi word for Path


Norwegian word for Path


Polish words for Path

szlak, trasa, kierunek.

Portuguese words for Path

trilha, caminho, rota, estrada, trajetória, trilho, trajeto, percurso, trajecto, trajectória.

Romanian word for Path


Russian words for Path

маршрут, тропа, дорожка, тропинка, траектория, тракт, стезя.

Spanish words for Path

pista, ruta, trayectoria, curso, sentido, camino, sendero, recorrido, trayecto, rumbo, sillón, senda, droga, vereda, Paterson.

Tamil word for Path


Vietnamese word for Path