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How To Spell pleasure?

Correct spelling: pleasure

What is the definition of pleasure?

  1. To please; to gratify.

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What are the usage examples for pleasure?

  1. Mary's face flushed with pleasure

What are the rhymes for pleasure?

  1. measure, treasure, leisure;
  2. displeasure;

What are the translations for pleasure?

Afrikaans word for Pleasure


Arabic word for Pleasure


Bengali word for Pleasure


Chinese words for Pleasure

乐事, 乐子.

Dutch words for Pleasure

plezier, vermaak, vreugde, genoegen, genot, voldoening, welgevallen.

French words for Pleasure

placer, prêt, bonheur, joie, jouissance, plaisir, satisfaction.

German words for Pleasure

Gefallen, Reiz, Lust, Freude, Vergnügen, Genuss, Spaß, Wohlgefallen, Wohlbehagen, Vergnügung, Wonne, Lustgewinn, Gaudi, Behagen, Pläsier.

Greek word for Pleasure


Italian word for Pleasure


Japanese words for Pleasure

喜び, 楽しみ, 快楽, プレジャー, 歓び, よろこび, 悦楽, 快, 興, 逸楽, かいらく, ごらく, 欣喜, 享楽, かいじ, プレジャ, 佚楽, えつらく, 快事, 歓, ゆらく, きんき, 愉楽, いつらく, きょうらく, たのしみ, けらく, 快味, かいみ, 歓楽.

Javanese word for Pleasure


Malay word for Pleasure


Polish words for Pleasure

satysfakcja, zadowolenie, przyjemność.

Portuguese words for Pleasure

gosto, deleite, prazer, regozijo, deleitamento, comprazimento, aprazimento.

Romanian word for Pleasure


Russian words for Pleasure

удовольствие, удовлетворение, радость.

Spanish words for Pleasure

regalo, voluntad, deseo, alegría, gusto, delicia, felicidad, gozo, recreo, disfrute, agrado, fruición, delectación, honra.

Swedish word for Pleasure


Turkish word for Pleasure


Vietnamese word for Pleasure

thú vui.