How To Spell radical?

Correct spelling: radical

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What does the abbreviation radical mean?

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What are the translations for radical?

Afrikaans word for Radical


Bengali word for Radical


Dutch words for Radical

extreem, radicaal, ingrijpend, grondig, verregaand, rigoureus.

French words for Radical

profond, drastique, radical, extrémiste.

German words for Radical

grundlegend, tiefgreifend, total, einschneidend, fundamental, Wurzel, Wortstamm, drastisch, rigoros, durchgreifend, Radikal, dissident, Radikaler, Wurzelwort.

Greek word for Radical


Italian word for Radical


Japanese words for Radical

ラジカル, ラディカル, 抜本的, 急進的, 急進, ばっぽんてき, 先鋭, 根基, きゅうしんてき.

Korean word for Radical


Polish word for Radical


Russian words for Radical

радикальный, радикал, радикальная.

Ukrainian word for Radical


Vietnamese word for Radical

triệt để.