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Correct spelling: respond

Definition of respond:

  1. A short anthem chanted in the interval of reading a chapter in a religious service.
  2. To answer; to satisfy by payment.
  3. To reply; to correspond; to suit; to be answerable.

Common misspellings for respond:

repound, resond, prosponed, responsed.


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This graph shows how "respond" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for respond:

  1. Teddy didn’ t hear this, not that he was so far away, but because he was listening to that call which seemed so impossible to respond to. –  by
  2. Joe Ratowsky strode on through the darkness without giving the other time to respond –  by
  3. I was very much flattered by Prince Frederick's attentions, and quite ready to respond to them. –  by

Rhymes for respond:

  1. blond, blonde, bond, fond, frond, gond, pond, wand, donned, fronde, monde, conned, conde;
  2. beyond, armand, demond, lamond, fernand;
  3. correspond;