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Correct spelling: rue


Definition of rue:

  1. Ruta.
  2. A bitter plant.
  3. A strong- smelling plant, of repute formerly as a charm, and still in use as a stimulant.
  4. To lament; to regret sorrowfully.

Rue \rue\

Rue as a girl's name is pronounced roo. It is of English origin, and the meaning of Rue is "regret". The name of an herb used for cooking and in medicine. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet", Ophelia called rue the "herb-grace o' Sundays". Actress Rue McClanahan.
Rae, Ree, Rie, Rui, Rye.

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Examples of usage for rue:

  1. He walked with her as far as the corner of the Rue de Lille.
  2. Wee came indeede too late, which much I rue, And would have kept this Clermont as my crowne.
  3. On her return she always walked along the Rue de Tuileries until she came to the bridge.

Quotes for rue:

  1. The first clothing line I had was called Very Rue. Then we changed the name and moved to QVC, and the name became A Touch of Rue. - Rue McClanahan
  2. She has good instincts, but wrong judgments. She'll rue the day. - David O. Selznick

Rhymes for rue:

  1. abou, accrue, adieu, ado, ague, anew, askew, babu, baku, bamboo, c2, canoe, cat-2, cebu, construe, debut, ensue, eschew, fitzhugh, fondue, imbue, into, kazoo, kwangju, larue, leroux, liou, m2, mchugh, miscue, outdo, outgrew, perdue, peru, purdue, pursue, ragu, redo, renew, reto, review, revue, shampoo, subdue, taboo, tattoo, tatu, undo, undue, unglue, untrue, urdu, wahoo, withdrew, zanu.
  2. beu, bleu, blew, blue, boo, brew, chew, chiu, chou, chu, clue, coo, cou, coup, coups, crew, crewe, cue, dew, do, doo, douwe, drew, dru, du, due, ewe, few, flew, flu, flue, foo, fu, glew, glue, gnu, goo, grew, gu, gue, hew, hewe, hoo, hou, hsu, hu, hue, hugh, jew, joo, ju, jue, kew, knew, koo, ku, kyu, leu, lew, lieu, liu, loo, lou, lu, lue, mew, moo, mu, new, nu, ooh, ou, pew, phew, phu, poo, pooh, pou, pru, prue, pu, pugh, q, qu, que, queue, rew, ru, screw, shew, shoe, shoo, shrew, shu, siew, sioux, skew, slew, soo, spew, stew, strew, stu, su, sue, tew, thew, threw, through, thru, thuy, too, trew, true, tu, tue, two, u, uwe, view, vu, vue, whew, who, woo, wu, xu, xue, yew, yoo, you, yu, yue, zhou, zhu, zoo, zue.
  3. byu, depardieu, hitherto, iou, isu, kangaroo, katmandu, misconstrue, overdo, overdue, overthrew, suu, timbuktu.
  4. dfw.
  5. hullabaloo, kalamazoo.

Idioms for rue:

  1. rue the day
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