How To Spell seal?

Correct spelling: seal

What is the definition of seal?

  1. affix a seal to

What does the abbreviation seal mean?


Seal as a boy's name. Animal name. Made famous by the musician of this name.

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This graph shows how "seal" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for seal?

  1. scheele, eel, squeal, veal, cele, peele, beal, peal, neale, creel, teale, teall, he'll, neall, beale, keel, weil, peale, steele, teal, reel, spiel, shiel, meal, niel, neill, peel, deel, heel, diel, leal, we'll, neel, teel, smeal, deale, zele, kneel, riel, real, steel, she'll, neile, seel, steal, zeal, ciel, heal, beall, kiel, beil, neil, feel, mele, deal, gilles, neal, wheel, skeel;
  2. o'neill, lucille, macneal, ferrill, cecile, shaquille, mcneill, abele, conceal, mcneil, genteel, repeal, emile, brasil, macneill, ordeal, appeal, reseal, corneal, nevil, congeal, unreal, reveal, ideal, emil, savill, unseal, morrill, anneal, puerile, oneal, surreal, mcneal, camille, o'neal, lucile, adriel, verrill;
  3. averill, villarreal;
  4. automobile;

What are the translations for seal?

Afrikaans word for Seal


Arabic word for Seal


Chinese words for Seal

密封, 封, 海豹, 封盖, 印证, 封条, 图章, 戳记, 戳儿, 记号, 章子, 戳子, 封口, 包封, 封闭.

Dutch words for Seal

vastleggen, merk, kenmerk, afsluiten, afdichting, zegel, zeehond, verzegelen, bevestigen, lak, sluiting, bekrachtigen, afsluiting, verzegeling, dichting, zeerob, rob, lakstempel, bezegeling, dichtingsmateriaal, bezegelen.

French words for Seal

sceau, phoque, cachet, sceller, fermer, cacheter, boucler, sel.

German words for Seal

befestigen, Siegel, Dichtung, Seehund, Stempel, Verplombung, verschließen, abdichten, versiegeln, besiegeln, Joint, Abdichtung, Plombe, Versiegelung, Verschluss, Robbe, dichten, siegeln, verplomben, plombieren, zukleben, zumachen, mit Geruchsverschluss versehen, mit Fahrbahndecke versehen, Segel.

Japanese words for Seal

シール, 印鑑, 封止, 印章, 封印, 印する, 封, 緘する, 印顆, いんばん, ふうかん, 封緘, 印判, 印形, ふうし, いんぎょう, ごくいん, いんぱん, 極印, いんする, いんかん, アザラシ.

Korean word for Seal


Malay word for Seal


Marathi word for Seal


Polish words for Seal

foka, uszczelka, uszczelnienie, pieczątka, plomba.

Portuguese words for Seal

selo, lacre, selar, lacrar, trancar, barreira, selagem, carimbo, vedante, selamento, isolar.

Romanian word for Seal


Russian words for Seal

уплотнитель, тюлень, пломба, нерпа, котик.

Spanish words for Seal

junta, sello, precinto, foca, sellar, cerrar, precintar, fechar, concluir, cierre, encerrar, certificado, consumar, estanqueidad, vedar.

Swedish word for Seal


Turkish word for Seal

fok balığı.

Ukrainian word for Seal