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What are the rhymes for size?

  1. marseilles, rise, denies, implies, surmise, eyes, kise, eis, skies, lise, vies, spies, prize, wyse, dyes, dries, sighs, unties, dise, decries, thais, disguise, unwise, fries, highs, y's, revise, demise, grise, ties, wies, chastise, replies, pries, nies, ries, relies, goodbyes, defies, cries, crise, plies, julies, guys, supplies, pint-size, thighs, wise, bies, complies, incise, pies, mies, surprise, ais, geis, buys, ayes, comprise, upsize, tries, bise, flies, hise, shies, ise, guise, dies, emprise, lies, despise;
  2. reprise, arise, advise, allies, applies, baptize, belies, devise, apprise;
  3. underlies, improvise, oversize;
  4. decriminalize, sensationalize;

What are the translations for size?

Arabic word for Size


Catalan word for Size


Chinese words for Size

尺寸, 大小, 尺码, 个儿, 个子, 个头, 块头, 个头儿, 纤度.

Dutch words for Size

maat, omvang, grootte, formaat, afmeting.

French words for Size

gabarit, ampleur, envergure, volume, superficie, importance, grosseur, porte, trier selon la taille, tailler aux bonnes dimensions, grandeur, pointure, carrure, calibré.

German words for Size

Nummer, Umfang, Dimension, ausmessen, Format, Dicke, schlichten, Volumen, beschichten, nach Größe ordnen, Taille, grundieren, Leim, Amplitude, Baugröße, Konfektionsgröße, Schlichte, Kleidergröße, Auftragleim, von die Größe bestimmen.

Italian word for Size


Javanese word for Size


Malay word for Size


Norwegian word for Size


Polish words for Size

rozmiar, wielkość, wymiar.

Portuguese word for Size


Romanian word for Size


Russian words for Size

размер, масштабы, габарит.

Spanish words for Size

envergadura, medida, magnitud, escala, calibre, tamaño, talla, formato.

Swedish word for Size


Turkish word for Size


Vietnamese word for Size

kích cỡ.