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Correct spelling: size


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Examples of usage for size:

  1. On these Western mountains were other forests with trees of wonderful size.
  2. But this was the only dress anywhere near my size.
  3. " Uncle Justus," she said, " if you were a little girl my size, and there were a fair going on, don't you think you'd want very much to go in the evening?"

Quotes for size:

  1. I don't think I'm too thin at all. I understand when people say, 'Well your face gets gaunt,' but to get your bottom half to be the right size, your face might have to be a little gaunt. You choose your battles. - Courteney Cox
  2. The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. - Robert Kiyosaki
  3. These companies know that at their current size they're not going to be big enough to have the necessary capital, and they don't have enough spectrum to get to the third generation. - Steve Largent
  4. We are worried about the size of the deficit, which is why the president is pleased that the House and Senate have followed his lead in cutting the deficit in half over the next five years. - Ken Mehlman
  5. Everyone recognizes that's a joke because obviously the number and shape of the pieces doesn't affect the size of the pizza. And similarly, the stocks, bonds, warrants, etc., issued don't affect the aggregate value of the firm. - Merton Miller

Rhymes for size:

  1. advise, allies, applies, apprise, arise, baptize, belies, devise, reprise.
  2. ais, ayes, bies, bise, buys, chastise, complies, comprise, cries, crise, decries, defies, demise, denies, despise, dies, dise, disguise, dries, dyes, eis, emprise, eyes, flies, fries, geis, goodbyes, grise, guise, guys, highs, hise, implies, incise, ise, julies, kise, lies, lise, marseilles, mies, nies, pies, pint-size, plies, pries, prize, relies, replies, revise, ries, rise, shies, sighs, skies, spies, supplies, surmise, surprise, thais, thighs, ties, tries, unties, unwise, upsize, vies, wies, wise, wyse, y's.
  3. decriminalize, sensationalize.
  4. improvise, oversize, underlies.

Idioms for size:

  1. pick on sm your own size
  2. size up sb/ sth
  3. beat down to size
  4. try for size
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