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What are the rhymes for seize?

  1. mease, sies, ease, deas, fees, pease, sleaze, sneeze, feese, keas, glees, crees, z's, sees, please, breeze, preis, sprees, fleas, wheeze, trees, jeez, neas, neis, these, pleas, mees, she's, nees, vees, cheese, rees, tease, lees, knees, kees, peas, threes, bes, seas, teas, frees, dees, meis, gies, friese, skis, reis, tees, geez, deis, reas, cees, frieze, beas, flees, leas, keys, bees, breese, squeeze, freeze, saez, hees, liese, neese, keyes;
  2. aziz, trapeze, pawnees, rupees, unease, agrees, foresees, trustees, chemise, disease, andries, decrees, burmese, appease, belize, chinese, maltese, jaycees, degrees, cds, trainees, draftees, louise, lessees, displease, scorsese, cadiz, ortiz, reprise;
  3. guaranties, retirees, absentees, cantonese, javanese, timorese, amputees, detainees, balinese, escapees, referees, japanese, franchisees, honorees, enlistees, disagrees, conferees, journalese, designees, overseas, inductees, returnees, nepalese, enrollees, licensees, internees, appointees, sinhalese, nominees, expertise, guarantees, devotees, siamese, sudanese, ccs, annamese, taiwanese;
  4. abts, indochinese, interviewees, stds;

What are the translations for seize?

Afrikaans word for Seize


Arabic word for Seize

يَقْبِضُ عَلَى.

Chinese word for Seize


Dutch words for Seize

nemen, pakken, bevatten, inzien, begrijpen, plukken, bemachtigen, afnemen, in beslag nemen, op beslag leggen, grijpen, aangrijpen, afpakken, confisqueren, vastgrijpen, beetpakken.

French words for Seize

saisir, prendre, s'emparer, confisquer, capturer.

German words for Seize

wahrnehmen, sicherstellen, erfassen, einziehen, belegen, erobern, ergreifen, beschlagnahmen, einnehmen, festnehmen, kapern, anpacken, packen, pfänden, konfiszieren, aufgreifen, verhaften, sich festlaufen, fressen, sich festfressen.

Greek word for Seize


Italian word for Seize


Japanese words for Seize

つかむ, 掴む, 差し押さえる, 差押さえる, 差し押える, ぶんどる, 差押える, 取抑える, さしおさえる, 取り押さえる, ぐいとつかむ.

Javanese word for Seize


Malay word for Seize


Norwegian word for Seize


Portuguese words for Seize

aproveitar, obter, apanhar, apoderar-se de, conquistar, apreender, tirar proveito de, apoderar-se.

Romanian words for Seize

gripă, a apuca.

Spanish words for Seize

captar, ocupar, aprovechar, conseguir, pegar, entender, coger, comprender, tomar, agarrar, capturar, detener, incautar, decomisar, embargar, secuestrar, arrebatar, prender, derivar, confiscar.

Turkish word for Seize


Ukrainian word for Seize


Vietnamese word for Seize

nắm lấy.