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Spell Check of stow

Correct spelling: stow


Definition of stow:

  1. To place; to put in a suitable place or position; to lay up; to pack.

Common misspellings for stow:

sto, strow, stwo.

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Examples of usage for stow:

  1. If I didn't feel that it was cowardly, I should like to stow myself away below till all is over.
  2. Mr. Brunt had gone to the other end of the main office, and would return presently to stow these piles of bills in the safe.
  3. He's stow hisse'f away onder dem blanket.

Quotes for stow:

  1. I've carried a gun for 10 years. I've carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself, and I stow it away where nobody really knows about it. - Luke Scott

Rhymes for stow:

  1. aglow, ago, although, arnaud, arnault, miro, pernod, renault.
  2. apropos, eeo, imo, ivo, overflow, taekwondo.
  3. au, aux, beau, beaux, below, bestow, bio, blow, bo, boe, bordeaux, bow, bowe, bro, cabo, chateau, chateaux, chau, cho, cloe, co, coe, cousteau, cro, crow, dau, defoe, devaux, doe, doh, dough, eau, escoe, escrow, flo, floe, flow, foe, forego, forgo, fro, gau, giraud, glo, gloe, glow, go, goe, gogh, goh, gro, grow, hello, ho, hoe, hoh, inco, jo, joe, joh, kayo, know, ko, koh, kowtow, kyo, lo, loe, loew, loewe, loh, low, lowe, luo, marceau, margaux, mau, mo, moe, monroe, mow, munro, nau, ngo, noe, noh, nouveau, o', oh, outgrow, ow, owe, papo, perot, peugeot, plateau, plough, poe, poh, pro, quo, renaud, rho, rideau, ro, roe, roh, rondeau, rouleau, row, rowe, sew, sgro, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, so-so, sow, stowe, strow, tableau, tableaux, tallyho, tarot, thibault, tho, thoreau, though, throw, toe, tow, trow, truffaut, tso, turbot, tyo, undergo, uno, vo, whoa, wo, woe, yau, yo, yoe, yoh, zoh.
  4. celo.

Idioms for stow:

  1. stow away
  2. stow sth away
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