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How To Spell stow?

Correct spelling: stow

Definition of stow:

  1. fill by packing tightly; "stow the cart"

List of misspellings for stow:

  • stope,
  • sorwd,
  • stor,
  • stoce,
  • stoodd,
  • sylow,
  • sitew,
  • usato,
  • scioty,
  • sjow,
  • strough,
  • stoy,
  • sortor,
  • sttop,
  • soewht,
  • stoe,
  • smow,
  • slowd,
  • sowou,
  • snow,
  • saito,
  • sotuh,
  • sttd,
  • btoh,
  • ytou,
  • seetw,
  • stoar,
  • sahdow,
  • estou,
  • sstood,
  • sto,
  • stob,
  • sdhow,
  • kotow,
  • stodd,
  • sstop,
  • sadoa,
  • ston,
  • stod,
  • stoen,
  • sutor,
  • strow,
  • soote,
  • stopo,
  • stown,
  • swow,
  • stha,
  • staw,
  • sizw,
  • sutom,
  • stos,
  • stoood,
  • sttod,
  • bistow,
  • stof,
  • stol,
  • stov,
  • useto,
  • snator,
  • stobe,
  • sahadow,
  • scioto,
  • wtihww,
  • stote,
  • sghow,
  • stoof,
  • strw,
  • stome,
  • steos,
  • storu,
  • storyw,
  • stoey,
  • stom,
  • snowd,
  • estoy,
  • stouf,
  • soter,
  • skow,
  • somw,
  • stif,
  • seehow,
  • sadow,
  • sarow,
  • stoer,
  • thtow,
  • stoo,
  • sitefor,
  • stofe,
  • storn,
  • desotoa,
  • stwo,
  • snnow,
  • stfu,
  • sohow,
  • snaow,
  • stio,
  • silow,
  • sertoma,
  • stoem,
  • stuio.

What does the abbreviation stow mean?


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Quotes for stow:

  1. I've carried a gun for 10 years. I've carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself, and I stow it away where nobody really knows about it.

Rhymes for stow:

  1. kowtow, oh, yoe, boe, gogh, lowe, mow, moe, goe, plough, gau, nau, defoe, o', tyo, bestow, jo, eau, beau, giraud, flow, co, thoreau, floe, outgrow, dau, kyo, renaud, fro, so, rowe, hoh, beaux, trow, chateaux, lo, marceau, throw, yo, gro, bordeaux, bro, cousteau, tallyho, crow, yau, perot, thibault, chau, joh, sow, roh, devaux, noe, truffaut, sew, know, margaux, bowe, snow, owe, peugeot, uno, coe, below, joe, zoh, poe, luo, tso, forego, yoh, sloe, bo, though, loewe, rideau, inco, stowe, tarot, chateau, mo, cho, mau, bio, escrow, toe, blow, whoa, tableau, strow, munro, rouleau, foe, wo, rondeau, nouveau, woe, gloe, so-so, dough, monroe, aux, glo, goh, low, glow, grow, poh, go, kayo, ngo, bow, rho, hello, plateau, flo, tho, ko, roe, loh, loew, row, cro, tableaux, tow, au, doh, turbot, noh, undergo, papo, loe, cloe, show, cabo, forgo, ro, slow, sgro, koh, ow, ho, doe, hoe, quo, pro, escoe, vo;
  2. although, ago, miro, arnaud, aglow, arnault, renault, pernod;
  3. overflow, taekwondo, apropos, eeo, imo, ivo;
  4. celo;

Translations for stow:

Arabic word for Stow


Dutch words for Stow

stallen, opbergen, stouwen, stuwen, wegzetten.

French words for Stow

mettre, stocker, ranger, arrimer.

German words for Stow

beladen, verstauen, Meter, stauen.

Greek word for Stow


Hindi word for Stow


Italian word for Stow


Japanese word for Stow


Korean word for Stow

> 집어넣다.

Malay word for Stow


Portuguese word for Stow


Russian word for Stow


Spanish words for Stow

guardar, almacenar, estibar.

Swedish word for Stow


Tamil word for Stow

பாதுகாப்பாக வை.

Turkish word for Stow

istif etmek.

Ukrainian word for Stow


Vietnamese word for Stow

để đầy.