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How To Spell stay?

Correct spelling: stay

Definition of stay:

  1. stop or halt; "Please stay the bloodshed!"

List of misspellings for stay:

  • suitly,
  • seeya,
  • stayl,
  • stabb,
  • sta,
  • swayd,
  • staw,
  • stam,
  • staf,
  • sfae,
  • stif,
  • dtay,
  • estar,
  • stly,
  • staium,
  • stach,
  • ssaty,
  • stear,
  • cyotey,
  • stak,
  • dtae,
  • stio,
  • tay,
  • stha,
  • stedy,
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  • usato,
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  • tsay.

What does the abbreviation stay mean?

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Stay Jay


Hip-hop artist

William Kojo Johnson, known by the stage name Stay Jay, is a Ghanaian hip hop recording artist from Tema, Ghana. He won the best new artiste of the year at the 2012 Vodafone Ghana music awards and also gained 6 other nominations

Stay Schemin'

Stay with Me Tonight


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Stay with Me Tonight is the second album from Jeffrey Osborne, released in 1983 on A&M Records.



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This graph shows how "stay" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for stay:

  1. re, wray, day, fe, gray, mae, daye, de, grey, wei, klay, say, spray, they, bay, saye, wey, cray, ne, j, pray, se, khe, ca, dae, vey, neigh, jae, frey, kay, slay, bey, lay, sleigh, ray, tray, rey, brae, ae, stray, hey, quai, gaye, kaye, raye, weigh, quay, wy, dey, tay, ay, cay, paye, clay, jay, nay, blay, prey, fey, play, sway, fay, brey, may, mei, drey, waye, jaye, hwe, bray, che, sta, tae, nej, lait, maye, way, haye, faye, flay, sze, graye, ley, shay, trey, yea, mey, lei, whey, hay, rae, k, fray, gway, dray, shea, pei, yay, pay, ney;
  2. fillet, belay, toupee, purvey, survey, beret, ballet, defray, display, da, hooray, hervey, macrae, crochet, portray, sorbet, bombay, ga, hurray, mccrea, buffet, essay, nikkei, cafe, beauvais, dossier, today, cache, decay, repay, abbe, prepay, filet, orsay, cathay, convey, rene, away, obey, cliche, delay, dismay, sergei, b-j, ek, calais, levey, allay, astray, chalet, souffle, valet, risque, asay, ole, bouquet, dk, mckay, soiree, millay, delray, saute, renee, betray, moray, monet, croquet, o'shea, parquet, mackay, jose, halfway, olay, manet, okay, carre, ha, mcveigh, puree, nisei, passe, oj, array, gervais, replay;
  3. disarray, chevrolet, monterey, ira, disobey, underplay, cea, ita, jna, uva, faberge, cabaret, lyonnais, ekk, cabernet, overstay, intraday, underway, dak, aaa, piaget, bta, monterrey, overplay, fiance, bua, bouvier, perrier, attache;
  4. noaa, hiaa, foia, cabriolet, ceta, naivete, asea, communique;
  5. waga;

Translations for stay:

Afrikaans word for Stay


Arabic word for Stay


Dutch words for Stay

verblijf, verblijven, blijven, verblijfplaats, overnachting, logeren.

French words for Stay

rester, demeurer, loger, séjourner, séjour, se maintenir.

German words for Stay

Halt, warten, bleiben, Aussetzung, verbleiben, Aufenthalt, verweilen, Strebe, sich aufhalten, logieren, weilen, dableiben, ausharren, Verweildauer, Stag, Stehbolzen, Visite.

Italian word for Stay


Japanese words for Stay

滞在, ステイ, ステー, たいざい, 支索, ささえ.

Malay word for Stay


Polish word for Stay


Portuguese words for Stay

permanência, residência, ficar, estancar, pousar, hospedar-se, paragem, pernoitar, estada, estância.

Romanian word for Stay

a sta.

Russian words for Stay

остановиться, пребывать, пребывание, гостить.

Spanish words for Stay

mantener, seguir, permanecer, quedarse, visita, hospedarse, suspender, estancia, estadía, residir, morar, estay.

Swedish word for Stay


Turkish word for Stay


Vietnamese word for Stay

thời gian ở.