How To Spell trend?

Correct spelling: trend

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What does the abbreviation trend mean?

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What are the translations for trend?

Arabic word for Trend


Chinese word for Trend


Dutch words for Trend

ontwikkeling, patroon, lijn, tendens, koers.

French words for Trend

courant, tendance, s'orienter, inclinaison, mouvement.

German words for Trend

Entwicklung, Tender, Tendenz, Neigung, tendieren, Mode, Trend, Richtung, Zeitströmung, Entwicklungstendenz.

Italian words for Trend

tendenza, evoluzione, congiuntura.

Japanese words for Trend

動向, トレンド, 潮流, ちょうりゅう, うごき.

Javanese word for Trend


Korean word for Trend


Polish words for Trend

tendencja, kierunek, nurt, prąd.

Portuguese words for Trend

corrente, tendência, dinâmica, movimento, comportamento, andamento, evolução.

Romanian word for Trend


Russian words for Trend

тенденция, тренд.

Spanish words for Trend

pauta, corriente, tendencia, curso, fenómeno.

Turkish word for Trend