How To Spell tune?

Correct spelling: tune

What does the abbreviation tune mean?


a melody
Tune as a boy's name is of English origin, and the meaning of Tune is "a melody". Dancer Tommy Tune.

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What are the translations for tune?

Afrikaans words for Tune

tune, deuntjie.

Arabic word for Tune


Danish word for Tune


Dutch words for Tune

toon, overeenstemming, afstemmen, gelijkstemmen, deuntje, afstellen, wijsje, deun.

French words for Tune

ajuster, accorder, chanson, morceau, affiner, mélodie, braquer.

German words for Tune

Nummer, abstimmen, abgleichen, Refrain, regulär, stemmen, stimmen, Air, Lied, einstimmen.

Japanese words for Tune

曲, 楽曲, 旋律, チューン, 曲調, きょくせつ, きょくちょう, かきょく, 音締, 音締め, ねじめ, がっきょく, 曲節, 歌曲, せんりつ.

Javanese word for Tune


Korean word for Tune


Marathi word for Tune


Portuguese words for Tune

tom, música, melodia, entoação.

Russian words for Tune

мелодия, напев, песенка.

Spanish words for Tune

ajustar, adaptar, cantar, equilibrar, sintonizar, afinar, sintonía, templar, calibrar, melodía, tonada.

Turkish word for Tune