How To Spell unsuitable?

Correct spelling: unsuitable

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What is the definition of unsuitable?

  1. not appropriate for a purpose or occasion; "unsuitable attire for the office"; "said all the wrong things"

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What are the rhymes for unsuitable?

  1. suitable;
  2. inscrutable, immutable;
  3. irrefutable, indisputable;

What are the translations for unsuitable?

Afrikaans word for Unsuitable


Arabic word for Unsuitable

غَيْرُ مُنَاسِب.

Chinese word for Unsuitable


French words for Unsuitable

inadapté, inapproprié, inapte, impropre, inopportun.

German words for Unsuitable

ungeeignet, unangemessen, unbrauchbar, unpassend, untauglich, nicht geeignet, unzweckmäßig, nicht sachgerecht, nicht in Frage kommend, nicht benutzbar.

Italian word for Unsuitable


Japanese words for Unsuitable

不向き, ふむき, そぐわない.

Norwegian word for Unsuitable


Polish word for Unsuitable


Portuguese word for Unsuitable


Romanian word for Unsuitable


Russian word for Unsuitable


Spanish words for Unsuitable

inoportuno, inadecuado, impropio, improcedente, inapropiado, poco apropiado, poco adecuado, poco idóneo, contraindicado.

Turkish word for Unsuitable

uygun olmayan.