How To Spell walking?

Correct spelling: walking

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What is the definition of walking?

  1. traveling by foot; "she was afoot when I saw her this morning"; "a walking tour of the town"; "a walking and talking doll"

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What are the rhymes for walking?

  1. hawking, gawking, caulking, balking, stalking, squawking, chalking, talking;

What are the translations for walking?

Arabic word for Walking


Bengali word for Walking


Dutch word for Walking


French words for Walking

marché, randonnée pédestre.

German words for Walking

wandern, gehen, Loop, Spazierengehen, Gänge.

Greek word for Walking


Italian word for Walking


Japanese words for Walking

歩行, ウォーキング, 徒歩, 散策, ウオーキング, とほ, 徒行, 徒士, さんさく.

Javanese word for Walking


Norwegian word for Walking


Polish word for Walking


Portuguese words for Walking

caminhada, deambulação.

Romanian word for Walking


Russian words for Walking

ходьба, гуляющий, хождение, походка.

Spanish words for Walking

senderismo, ambulante, caminante.

Turkish word for Walking