How To Spell weigh?

Correct spelling: weigh

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What are the rhymes for weigh?

  1. hay, de, day, fey, tray, play, haye, bay, grey, spray, gray, slay, ay, k, lait, che, ley, waye, yay, ray, brae, kay, shay, vey, khe, dray, brey, sleigh, pray, j, raye, lay, shea, sze, fray, way, sway, prey, nej, saye, may, dae, pay, stray, rey, rae, klay, fe, jaye, graye, ney, trey, bey, wray, neigh, quay, sta, se, maye, lei, ca, drey, hey, stay, kaye, cray, re, bray, gway, flay, say, hwe, cay, daye, dey, they, tae, fay, wy, mei, tay, jae, pei, faye, wey, wei, mae, ae, yea, mey, clay, whey, paye, gaye, ne, jay, quai, blay, nay, frey;
  2. ballet, o'shea, passe, ga, orsay, astray, buffet, macrae, hervey, dossier, fillet, delray, delay, jose, obey, risque, mckay, dk, betray, cafe, toupee, prepay, b-j, asay, renee, levey, puree, replay, sorbet, defray, display, monet, sergei, cache, beauvais, oj, abbe, mccrea, dismay, halfway, today, gervais, belay, survey, portray, away, hurray, saute, carre, ek, filet, mackay, ole, calais, mcveigh, allay, croquet, array, ha, convey, manet, bombay, repay, crochet, nisei, olay, decay, cathay, souffle, hooray, valet, millay, nikkei, beret, chalet, da, cliche, soiree, essay, purvey, parquet, moray, rene, bouquet, okay;
  3. underway, ekk, bta, dak, cea, underplay, cabernet, overplay, overstay, monterrey, attache, intraday, aaa, bouvier, disarray, cabaret, ira, faberge, bua, lyonnais, chevrolet, jna, piaget, ita, uva, disobey, perrier, monterey, fiance;
  4. cabriolet, naivete, asea, ceta, foia, noaa, hiaa, communique;
  5. waga;

What are the translations for weigh?

Afrikaans word for Weigh


Arabic word for Weigh


Bengali word for Weigh

তৌল করা.

Chinese words for Weigh

衡, 称, 敪, 称量, 秤量, 称重量.

Dutch words for Weigh

afwegen, overwegen, invloed hebben, van het gewicht vaststellen, van belang zijn, van gewicht zijn.

French words for Weigh

examiner, mesurer, peser, jauger, soupeser, comparer.

German words for Weigh

wegen, gelten, wiegen, lasten, verwiegen, abwiegen.

Greek word for Weigh


Hindi word for Weigh


Italian word for Weigh


Japanese word for Weigh


Javanese word for Weigh


Korean word for Weigh

무게를 달다.

Malay word for Weigh

Timbang berat.

Marathi word for Weigh

वजन करणे.

Norwegian word for Weigh


Portuguese words for Weigh

ter influência, examinar cuidadosamente.

Romanian word for Weigh

a (se) cântări.

Russian word for Weigh


Spanish words for Weigh

examinar, considerar, sopesar, pesar, influir, ponderar.

Tamil word for Weigh


Turkish word for Weigh


Ukrainian word for Weigh