How To Spell worthy?

Correct spelling: worthy

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fenced farm
Worthy as a boy's name is a variant of Worth (Old English), and the meaning of Worthy is "fenced farm".
  • Yorath,
  • Worthey.

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What are the usage examples for worthy?

  1. You know very little about me, yet I want you to believe that I am worthy of trust- that I want to help you. – The Crevice by William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander

What are the rhymes for worthy?

  1. worthey;
  2. unworthy;

What are the translations for worthy?

Afrikaans word for Worthy


Arabic word for Worthy


Chinese word for Worthy


Dutch words for Worthy

waardevol, waardig, volwaardig, eerzaam, eervol.

French words for Worthy

digne, louable, noble, dignes, méritant, méritoire, bons.

German words for Worthy

angemessen, Wert, würdig, ehrenwert, bieder, lobenswert, löblich, achtbar.

Italian word for Worthy


Javanese word for Worthy


Korean word for Worthy

~할 가치가 있는.

Malay word for Worthy


Polish word for Worthy


Portuguese words for Worthy

adequado, bom, adequada, qualificado, dignos, nobres, condigno, nobre, valorosa, valoroso, meritórias, conceituadas, louváveis, virtuosa, idóneas.

Romanian word for Worthy


Spanish words for Worthy

valioso, digno, merecedor, meritorio, loable, respetable, encomiable.