How to Pronounce maunder?

Correct pronunciation for the word "maunder" is [mˈɔːndə], [mˈɔːndə], [m_ˈɔː_n_d_ə].

"Maunder" in context

Maunder is a term used to describe an aimless wandering of the mind, often related to daydreaming or a state of trance. It is typically associated with periods of mental lethargy or distraction, and can also be seen as a form of creative thinking or contemplation. In modern usage, the term can describe any aimless musing or thinking done in a distracted state.

Maunder typically occurs in individuals who are feeling either boredom or daydreaming, due to their lack of focus or concentration. During such times, they may dwell on matters that are far removed from their current tasks or circumstances.

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