How to Pronounce mien?

Correct pronunciation for the word "mien" is [mˈi͡ən], [mˈi‍ən], [m_ˈiə_n].

"Mien" in context

Mien is a language originating from the mountainous regions of southern China and northern Vietnam. Also known as Dai language, it is part of theLolo-Burmese language family. There are several regional varieties of Mien, including the White Mien, Hmong, Lu, Iu Mien and Yao.

Mien is spoken by approximately 1.3 million people worldwide, with the majority in China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Mien is a tonal language, so the same sound can have different meanings depending on the pitch at which it is uttered.

What are similar-sounding words for mien?


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