How to Pronounce nona?

Correct pronunciation for the word "nona" is [nˌɒnˈe͡ɪ], [nˌɒnˈe‍ɪ], [n_ˌɒ_n_ˈeɪ].

What are the misspellings for nona?

"Nona" in context

Nona is an ancient Italian title referring to someone's grandmother. It is derived from the Latin word "avunculus" which means grandmother. It is a common term of endearment for an elderly woman, which is often followed by the words "bella" meaning beautiful, or "vecchia" meaning old. Nona has become a famous figure in Italy, even making appearances in literature. The term has been in use since the 15th century and is still used today. Grandmothers are beloved by their grandchildren and a hug from a Nona is said to bring safety and comfort.

What are similar-sounding words for nona?


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