How to Pronounce pac?

Correct pronunciation for the word "pac" is [pˈak], [pˈak], [p_ˈa_k].

"Pac" in context

Pac stands for Political Action Committee. It is an American term used to refer to a committee of private citizens who organize to contribute money to political campaigns. PACs are organized to support a particular political ideology, political party, candidate, or special interest group. PACs are an important factor in America's political landscape and are a powerful tool for the affluent to influence the political process.

They raise funds from individuals and donations from businesses, unions, and other organizations to be used for campaign activities including direct contributions to candidates and independent expenditures such as advertising. PACs engage in grassroots campaigning, public relations, lobbying, and get-out-the-vote operations.

What are similar-sounding words for pac?


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