How to Pronounce quasi?

Correct pronunciation for the word "quasi" is [kwˈe͡ɪza͡ɪ], [kwˈe‍ɪza‍ɪ], [k_w_ˈeɪ_z_aɪ].

"Quasi" in context

Quasi is a Latin term which means almost or resembling. In the legal world, quasi is used to describe a legal relationship which is not officially recognized but has some similarity to a legal one. For example, a quasi contract is a contract created in court when a party is found to have acted in such a way that it would have been legally reprehensible to not honor it. Quasi-in-law relationships are relationships similar to those recognized by law such as foster care. In finance, quasi-financial institutions exist which operate in a similar way to traditional financial institutions such as banks, but they are not officially regulated.

What are similar-sounding words for quasi?


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