How to Pronounce sift?

Correct pronunciation for the word "sift" is [sˈɪft], [sˈɪft], [s_ˈɪ_f_t].

"Sift" in context

Sifting is a process used to separate out small particles from larger ones, like flour, salt, and sugar. The process involves using a sieve or sifter to pass the material through fine mesh screens with different sizes of holes. The smaller particles, such as granules, powders, and clay, will pass through the small holes while the larger particles will be left behind. Sifting can be used to remove unwanted particles, such as broken bits of material, dirt and grit, and even insects. Bakeries use sifting to separate and purify their ingredients so that their doughs and batters will have a light, consistent texture and flavor.

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