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Correct spelling for WAT

We think the word wat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for wat

  • At
  • What will we do at all?

  • Bat
  • I-i don't want no bat.

  • Cat
  • If a cat had moved across one of those roads i should have seen it.

  • Dat
  • An' didn' ou' jackalse get out o' dat, dat's all.

  • Eat
  • Richard, i'll go away from you and leave you here alone if you don't eat.

  • Fat
  • It was very fat.

  • Hat
  • You're a man, you are, and i take off my hat to you."

  • Lat
  • It was decided to bait the trap with a fat female lat.

  • Mat
  • How it came to be in that position, whether it had been kicked thither by accident or thrust under the mat on purpose, it was impossible to say.

  • Oat
  • I could have some kind of breakfast food, too, i believe there's some oat-meal."

  • Pat
  • As she turned away to pat jimmy's pillow she was suddenly fighting white; the little creature had come for it and should have it.

  • Rat
  • I smell a rat; this stolen child, then, was no other than paul.

  • Sat
  • He sat up to look around.

  • Swat
  • He let go of the right plow handle so that he could raise his hand and swat the fly.

  • Tat
  • A sharp rat-tat at the door of her sitting-room recalled diana's wandering thoughts to the present.

  • Vat
  • Vat gan it concern you whether i have one votdermans or two votd-ermans-whether i bull out mine burce for to pay von shilling or two?

  • Wa
  • I seed they was suthin' comin', and when she said she wanted to come to tramworth to school, i pertended to be supprised, but i wa'n't.

  • Wad
  • Serves skinny right about losing the tip for he's such a tight wad that when the company sings "old hundred" at chapel skinny sings the "ninety and nine" just to save a cent.

  • Waft
  • All were now eager to start, and ready to embark; but unfortunately there was no favorable wind to fill their sails and waft them over to asia minor.

  • Wag
  • "you mustn't wag your tail!

  • Wait
  • We had not to wait long.

  • Wan
  • When this poor woman had succeeded in recovering some semblance of self-control, she turned her wan, tear-stained face to him and said simply: "my name is madeleine lannoy, monsieur.

  • Want
  • "i want to be!

  • War
  • Did he lose everything in the war?"

  • Wart
  • There was something awful about mrs. fling: prudy presumed it was the wart on her nose.

  • Wats
  • Watt
  • Wax
  • Way
  • Wet
  • Wit
  • Was
  • Nat
  • Wast
  • Wot
  • What
  • Wac
  • Walt
  • Wt