How To Spell want?

Correct spelling: want

What is the definition of want?

  1. a state of extreme poverty

What does the abbreviation want mean?

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What are the quotes for want?

  1. You can do whatever you want with my work.
  2. I never met a man I didn't want to fight.
  3. I believe, along with many others, that you must first ask for what you want before you can have it.
  4. I just want to get a Ph. D. in love.
  5. I just want to get on the court.

What are the rhymes for want?

  1. ponte, pont, fount, font, mont;
  2. l'enfant, savant, lamont, vermont, avant, lamonte, dumont, croissant, detente;
  3. commandant, nonchalant;

What are the translations for want?

Arabic word for Want


Chinese words for Want

想, 需, 需要, 希望, 想要, 愿意.

Dutch words for Want

zoeken, moeten, vragen, wensen, wil, vergen, hoeven, behoeftig zijn.

French words for Want

vouloir, besoin, manque, souhaiter, envie, rechercher, ambitionner.

German words for Want

verlangen, brauchen, Bedarf, Mangel, Fehlen, wollen, Knappheit, Not, Lust, Willen, Entbehrung, vereisen.

Greek word for Want


Italian word for Want


Japanese words for Want

欠乏, 要る, 不自由, 欲する, 求む, 求むる, もとむ, ほしがる, もとむる, ほりす, ふじゆう, ほっする, 欲しい.

Javanese word for Want


Korean word for Want


Malay word for Want


Norwegian word for Want

ønske (seg).

Portuguese words for Want

necessitar, desejar, necessidade, desejo, anseio.

Romanian word for Want

a dori.

Spanish words for Want

pedir, querer, buscar, falta, exigir, necesidad, deseo, necesitar, desear, pobreza.

Swedish word for Want


Turkish word for Want