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Correct spelling: morale

Definition of morale:

  1. Mental or moral condition; state of the spirits of a body of men in the view of some hazardous venture.

Common misspellings for morale:

moralle, morael.


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Examples of usage for morale:

  1. He let his army lose morale by his hesitation, and then accepted with satisfaction Freycinet's plan to move east upon Germany instead of to the rescue of Paris. – A History of the Third French Republic by C. H. C. Wright

Rhymes for morale:

  1. al, dal, gal, halle, pal, shall, cal, sal, hal, val, bal, kal, lal, kral, thal;
  2. canal, chagall, corral, lasalle, locale, pascal, vidal, pascale, royale, duval, vitale, doral;
  3. chaparral, rationale, perceval, coval;
  4. guadalcanal;
  5. internacional;