How To Spell numb?

Correct spelling: numb

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What does the abbreviation numb mean?

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This graph shows how "numb" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for numb?

  1. " I've tramped many a mile on two sound feet when they were so numb from sheer weariness that I could not feel them or know what they were doing. – The Eye of Dread by Payne Erskine
  2. But after a time her limbs became entirely numb – In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkiewicz

What are the rhymes for numb?

  1. glum, swum, thumb, from, maam, yum, gum, thum, sum, slum, chum, plum, plumb, lumb, mumm, dumm, gmbh, bum, come, clum, dum, scum, hum, um, dumb, some, gumm, lum, grum, crum, crumb, lumm, umm, strum, drum, stum, rum, humm, mum;
  2. alum, become, succumb;

What are the translations for numb?

Arabic word for Numb


Bengali word for Numb


Chinese words for Numb

木, 麻木, 不仁, 麻木的.

Dutch words for Numb

verdoofd, gevoelloos, ongevoelig, verstijfd.

French words for Numb

engourdir, anesthésier, ankyloser, engourdi, insensible, dormir, gourd, insensibiliser, endormir, paralysé, indifférent.

German words for Numb

benommen, taub, taub machen, gefühllos machen, klamm, wie betäubt, abgestorben, empfindungslos.

Hindi word for Numb


Italian word for Numb


Japanese word for Numb


Javanese word for Numb


Korean word for Numb


Malay word for Numb

Mati rasa.

Norwegian word for Numb


Polish word for Numb


Portuguese words for Numb

dormente, entorpecido, atordoado, adormecidos.

Russian word for Numb


Spanish words for Numb

embotado, aliviar, entumecido, adormecer, anestesiar, insensibilizar, adormecido, dormido, muerto, aletargado, paralizado, retardado, entumecer, aletargar, anestesiado, insensibilizado, adormitado, atontada, atontado, adormilado, dormidos, entumido.

Swedish word for Numb


Tamil word for Numb


Turkish word for Numb


Ukrainian word for Numb