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How To Spell oppressive?

Correct spelling: oppressive

Definition of oppressive:

  1. weighing heavily on the senses or spirit; "the atmosphere was oppressive"; "oppressive sorrows"

List of misspellings for oppressive:

  • appreciiate,
  • oppresssive,
  • appreseate,
  • aggrressive,
  • oppresive,
  • impresive,
  • appreceiate,
  • upseesive,
  • supressive,
  • pressive,
  • ippressive,
  • topreserve,
  • represitive,
  • empressive,
  • immpressive,
  • agressave,
  • apprehesive,
  • opperative,
  • agrwessive,
  • imressive,
  • imprerssive,
  • appreiative,
  • impressvie,
  • ipressive,
  • agrissive,
  • oppresively,
  • argressive,
  • imoressive,
  • represive,
  • appricitive,
  • lppressive,
  • imppressive,
  • inpresive,
  • apprecie,
  • opporessed,
  • opresive,
  • agrresive,
  • impressiver,
  • espressive,
  • oppressuve,
  • aggressvie,
  • oppressone,
  • agreessive,
  • agrssive,
  • oppresse,
  • suppresive,
  • aggresssive,
  • represative,
  • oppersive,
  • deppresive,
  • unpursuasive,
  • epressive,
  • mpressive,
  • iompressive,
  • agrassive,
  • depresssive,
  • oppressio,
  • agressiver,
  • immpresive,
  • agresssive,
  • ddepressive,
  • ppresive,
  • appriesciate,
  • apprecitive,
  • agressive,
  • aprhensive,
  • opposive,
  • represtive,
  • apperhensive,
  • appresciate,
  • agresive,
  • surpressive,
  • depresseive,
  • opressive,
  • impressiv,
  • impressave,
  • imppresive,
  • aperhensive,
  • affressive,
  • impreesive,
  • opressively,
  • inpressive,
  • agrressive,
  • opritive,
  • abbrassive,
  • opretive,
  • reperestive,
  • epensive,
  • opperessed,
  • apprective,
  • oppressin,
  • represetive,
  • impresssive,
  • agreesive,
  • appreasate,
  • kppressive,
  • aqqressive,
  • appreciteive,
  • appresite,
  • oppretive.

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Quotes for oppressive:

  1. The ability of Americans to toss off oppressive characters is the most rewarding aspect, to me, of U. S. history.
  2. I own that I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.
  3. In the Russian experience, although the Russian state is oppressive, it is their state, it is part of their fabric, and so the relation between Russian citizens and their state is complicated.
  4. Old forms of government finally grow so oppressive that they must be thrown off even at the risk of reigns of terror.
  5. The habit of religion is oppressive, an easy way out of thought.

Translations for oppressive:

Afrikaans word for Oppressive


Arabic word for Oppressive


Chinese words for Oppressive

压迫, 压迫性, 压抑, 吃人, 压迫的.

Dutch words for Oppressive

onderdrukkend, beklemmend, drukkend, benauwd, benauwend, tiranniek.

French word for Oppressive


German words for Oppressive

belastend, repressiv.

Greek word for Oppressive


Hindi word for Oppressive


Italian word for Oppressive


Japanese word for Oppressive


Javanese word for Oppressive


Korean word for Oppressive


Malay word for Oppressive


Norwegian word for Oppressive


Portuguese word for Oppressive


Russian word for Oppressive


Spanish word for Oppressive


Swedish word for Oppressive


Tamil word for Oppressive


Turkish word for Oppressive


Ukrainian word for Oppressive