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Correct spelling: savage

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What is the definition of savage?

  1. a member of an uncivilized people

What does the abbreviation savage mean?

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This graph shows how "savage" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for savage?

  1. ravage;

What are the translations for savage?

Afrikaans word for Savage


Chinese words for Savage

凶巴巴, 灭绝人性, 蛮荒, 野蛮的.

Dutch words for Savage

ruw, ruig, wilde, inboorling, bruut, primitief, wreed, meedogenloos, barbaar, woest, wildeman, woesteling, barbaars, bloeddorstig, beestachtig.

French word for Savage


German words for Savage

brutal, wild.

Italian word for Savage


Japanese words for Savage

野蛮, 野蛮人, みかいじん, 未開人, やばんじん, 蕃人, ばんい, きょうこうにん, 蛮夷, 凶行人, 蛮人, やばん, 兇行人.

Javanese word for Savage


Korean word for Savage


Polish word for Savage


Russian words for Savage

дикий, варварский, жестокий, зверский, дикарь, варвар, грубиян, невоспитанный человек.

Spanish words for Savage

salvaje, ganas.

Turkish word for Savage


Ukrainian word for Savage