How To Spell scary?

Correct spelling: scary

What is the definition of scary?

  1. Barren land having only a thin coat of grass.

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What are the rhymes for scary?

  1. gerrie, hairy, sperry, mary, lary, parry, barre, karry, wherry, prairie, dairy, kerry, merry, derry, larry, perry, wary, guarneri, carey, gery, cherry, jeri, unwary, ferry, kerri, jerry, cheri, very, merrie, tarry, terrie, chery, jere, metairie, kari, sherrie, marry, valeri, terry, gerry, gary, nary, eyrie, sheri, teri, skerry, vary, neri, carie, jerri, clary, sherry, querry, kary, kerrey, stary, carrie, remarry, terri, fairy, carrey, contrary, bury, ranieri, gerri, cary, glengarry, harry, sherri, jerrie;
  2. ary, airy, berrie, arie, berri, berry;
  3. azeri, canary;

What are the translations for scary?

Afrikaans word for Scary


Arabic word for Scary


Chinese word for Scary


French words for Scary

effrayant, terrible, macabre, alarmant, terrifiant, angoissant, terrifiante, inquiétante, terrifiants, terrifiantes.

German words for Scary

unheimlich, gruselig, schaurig, beängstigend, erschreckend, furchterregend, Furcht erregend.

Italian word for Scary


Javanese word for Scary


Malay word for Scary


Norwegian word for Scary


Polish word for Scary

budzący strach.

Portuguese words for Scary

assustador, medonha, arrepiante, de terror, macabras.

Russian words for Scary

пугающий, устрашающий, боязливый, пугливый.

Spanish words for Scary

espantoso, horroroso, temeroso, aterrador, espeluznante, temible, alarmante, atemorizante, intimidante, asustadizo, atemorizantes, horripilante, tenebroso.

Turkish word for Scary