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Correct spelling: several


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This graph shows how "several" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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  1. You can't TV surf without coming across an Andy of Mayberry episode where you've just got to watch Don as Barney. That's why I put Don in several of my movies.
  2. I was endorsed by many corporations to work with their people. Since I had several hundred successful case histories, I realized that it was really valuable and everybody should have access to the information, so I started teaching seminars to groups of people.
  3. My dad served in the Air Force as ground crew for several years, and doesn't really talk about it. I know that it's there. I think my main thing about direct or indirect experiences as near to home as it were is the idea of self -sacrifice really.
  4. I made a comfortable living for several years. I invested, and I protected myself, so I enjoy that freedom.
  5. The weather became so intensely cold that we sent for all the hunters who had remained out with captain Clarke's party, and they returned in the evening several of them frostbitten.